Extraordinary Service for Exceptional People

Our mission is to contribute to staff, student and organizational success by providing strategic leadership, valued expertise and extraordinary service.

Humber's success is to a large extent dependent on having the right people, in the right places, at the right time, to achieve our goals and objectives. Human resources planning is increasingly important due to a number of factors. The world around us is changing, reflected in demographic changes such as the aging workforce, impending retirements, generational differences, and increasing diversity.

Attracting and retaining exceptional faculty and staff continues to be a challenge in an environment where other organizations are competing for the same talent. Lately, there are greater demands for transparency in decision making and public accountability. Changing legislation has increased organizational obligations related to human rights, accommodating the needs of the disabled, workplace safety, and the protection of privacy. An increasing globalized world presents new opportunities for institutional cooperation. Keeping up with the pace of technological change presents both challenges and opportunities.

Within this broader context, HR Services must respond to an increasingly sophisticated client base that demands simplified and timely access to information, tools to expedite decision making, support in managing performance, and in coaching and developing employees.

Changing demographics will require us to quickly orient and integrate new employees into the organization. A changing contingent of leaders brings a different dynamic and a new imperative to continue to build leadership capability across the organization. We are fortunate to enjoy a labour management climate that is collegial and stable: building on this solid foundation represents another opportunity. We must strive to preserve the best of our organizational culture, while being receptive to new ideas.

To respond to these challenges and opportunities, HR Services must be focused and flexible, dedicated and responsive to the needs of our clients, and progressive and professional in the delivery of our services. We need to ensure that our processes, professional practice and HR infrastructure enable the extraordinary service that our clients expect. We strive to contribute to Humber's success as a vibrant organization.