And we have helped...

Organizational Effectiveness led two team-building sessions for the Library and our follow-up session on the employee engagement survey. All three meetings were informative and engaging and have taught us the OE team leads relevant activities and discussions and they work hard to ensure session goals are achieved. Most importantly, Dawn and her team are approachable and they listen, both to the planners and the participants. Working with Organizational Effectiveness has boosted our team’s cohesion by helping us crystalize our common goals.


Cynthia McKeich, Director
Humber Libraries
(Apr 2018)

When I think of Michelle and the Organizational Effectiveness team at Humber, efficient, communicative and always seeking opportunities comes to mind.  I had the pleasure of working with the Organizational Effectiveness team over the last few months to review, collaborate and evaluate our processes and operations in Testing Services.  I was impressed by the OE team’s ability to take a variety of ideas and focus our conversation to allow for an in-depth review of our business and processes.  The time my team spent with the OE was incredible, we asked lots of questions (as did they!) and had the necessary time to reflect on our work and how this impacts staff, students and faculty.  I would recommend this opportunity to any area seeking some reflection, clarity and thinking towards the future.


Leah Barclay, Manager
Testing and Integrated Services
Student Success & Engagement
(Feb 2018)

Working in Training and Development is a perfect environment for “Mo” to touch many areas of the College – from registrations through to filling out TAP forms -- words like ‘exuberant’, ‘kind’, ‘thorough’, ‘helpful’ and ‘always smiling’ come to mind. 

Whether having dressed up with Maureen “Mo” for SSAW, participated in her yoga class or having had her lead us in training, I can speak for many – she has enhanced our time at Humber.  She always has boundless energy and enthusiasm for everything she does. 


Training and Development are lucky to have her!


Leanne Henwood-Adam, Fitness Co ordinator
Student Success & Engagement