Physical Distancing Champions


Please visit the HROE COVID-19 resources pages for more information about Physical Distancing Champions:
If you have been identified as a Physical Distancing Champion, we ask that you please add your name to our listclick here to complete the form.  This will allow us to have a comprehensive list of all our Champions and will streamline any future communication.


List of Physical Distancing Champions

Department PD Champion
Guelph-Humber APP Katarina Mebaoudj 
Guelph-Humber CTS Russelle Torres 
Guelph-Humber REEP James Pattison 
Guelph-Humber TTC -transportation training center Andrew Moore
Guelph-Humber TC - test center Connie Sanfilippo
FSCS – Admin Team & Support Staff Access for Cottages C, D and E  Sana Mahmood
FSCS-Forensic Identification Post-Graduate Certificate , The Centre for Justice Leadership (Annex)  Debbie Harris
Office of the Principal Steph Byer
Testing Services - Lake Shane Bentham 
Athletics Dean Wylie
Indigenous Education & Engagement Quazance Boissoneau 
Residence Dylan Ayres 
Residence Hopeton Lyle
Faculty of Business - Admin Offices Michelle Krivacic
Faculty of Business - Cosmetics Aniya Nandy
Faculty of Business - Cosmetics Marlene Gordon
Faculty of Business - Cosmetics Rosa Marchese
Faculty of Business - Culinary Rudi Fischbacher
Faculty of Business - Culinary Nichole Bryan
Faculty of Business - Culinary Joy Johnson 
Faculty of Business - Culinary Victor Morgan
Faculty of Business - Humber Room All five instructors and the Associate Dean
Faculty of Business - Spa Michelle Krivacic 
Faculty of Business - Spa Gillian Kenny 
Faculty of Media and Creative Arts Erika Heitler
FAST- BCTI, the North and Carrier Campuses Maria Manganaan 
FAST- BCTI, the North and Carrier Campuses Shaun Ghafari 
FAST- BCTI, the North and Carrier Campuses Michael Auchincloss 
FAST- BCTI, the North and Carrier Campuses Randy Duran 
Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Innovative Learning Mona Nouroozifar
Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Innovative Learning Arl Viaje 
Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Innovative Learning Sonia Hoy
Applied Research and Innovation  Ginger Grant
Testing Services – SSE, North Campus (LRC 2141) Shane Bentham 
Athletics James DePoe 
Athletic Therapy Clinic – Room A127 James DePoe
Government Relations, Marketing and Communications Rebecca Fox
iTS Omar Davis
iTS Lora Nasim
iTS Arthur Serwaczak 
iTS Bruce MacMillan
iTS Steve Cook
iTS Trevor Gibson
iTS Debbie Gracie-Smith
CDFM Rebecca Muyal
Campus Services, Food Services Executive Chef or General Manager – Chartwells
Residence D Merkley
Residence Wade Morrison
Residence Carley Webb
Campus Services, Retail Services Office J210 Alex Hoa 
Public Safety Paragon
Financial Planning/services Sanjay Gandhi
Financial Planning/services Hanh Do
Financial Planning/services Shuli Fan
Financial Planning/services Shyam Shah
Financial Planning/services Mehul Kapadia
Orangeville Campus Joe Andrews
Orangeville Campus Morag Tierney